Welfare of Scheduled Caste & Backward Classes Department, Haryana


  • Eradication of untouchability including administration of the Protection of Civil Rights Act, 1955.
  • Scheduled Castes/Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Rules, 1955.
  • Establishment matters relating to officers and staff under the administrative control of the Department except matters allotted to the General Administration Department.
  • All matters relating to Haryana Scheduled Caste Finance & Development Corporation and as well as Haryana Backward Classes and Economically Weaker Sections Kalyan Nigam.
  • Matters connected with the welfare of Scheduled Castes and Backward Classes and De-notified Tribes including –
    • Consideration and implementation of the report of the Commission for Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes, Government of India.
    • Revision of lists of Scheduled Castes and Backward Classes.
    • State Advisory Committee on Welfare and Adhoc Committees on Welfare.
    • Redressal of grievances of all members of Scheduled Caste/Tribes, and Backward Classes in service.
  • Policy regarding reservations for the members of Scheduled Castes/Tribes, Backward Classes and De-notified Tribes for admission to various institutions.
  • Schemes designed for the welfare of Scheduled Castes/Backward Classes and De-notified Tribes including –
    • Establishment of Community Centers
    • Grant of subsidy for the various schemes for the Welfare of Scheduled Castes, Backward Classes and De-notified Tribes;
    • Pre-examination Training Centers
    • Provision for legal aid;
    • Provision of interest-free loan to the Scheduled Castes Students.
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